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Jane Muncke
Miriam Gordon
Linda Birnbaum
Randy Olson
Pete Myers
Maricel Maffini
Birgit Geueke
Jane Muncke
Ksenia Groh
Tracey Woodruff
Leo Trasande
Laura Vandenberg
Pete Myers
Martin Scheringer
Tamara Galloway
Martin Wagner
Martin Wagner
Justine Maillot
Bjorn Beeler
Beau Baconguis
Maricel Maffini
Michael Warhurst
Mark Rossi
Meadhbh Bolger
Jen Jackson
Mao Da
Justine Maillot
Gretchen Salter
Miriam Gordon
Von Hernandez
  1. 1930
    Keynote address #1- Unwrapping the Evidence: Can Food Packaging Affect Your Health?
    Speaker: Linda Birnbaum, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  • 0900
    Narrative Is Everything
    Presented By: Randy Olson, Randy Olson Productions.
  • 0915
    Keynote address #2- Is Plastic Toxic?
    Speaker: Pete Myers, Environmental Health Sciences
  • 0945
    Session 1: Materials & Chemicals in Food Packaging

    An Overview of Food Packaging Materials and their Properties
    Speaker: Jane Muncke, Food Packaging Forum

    Known and Unknown Chemicals in Food Packaging
    Speaker: Birgit Geueke, Food Packaging Forum

    Chemical Migration From Food Contact Materials into Food
    Speaker: Maricel Maffini

    Hazardous Chemicals in Food Packaging (Overview)
    Speaker: Ksenia Groh, Food Packaging Forum
  • 1100
    Session 2: Health Matters: Packaging Chemicals and Human Health

    Chronic Diseases Associated With Food Packaging Chemical Exposure
    Speaker: Laura Vandenberg, Center for Research on Families, UMass

    Case Study: Food Packaging Checmicals and Childrens' Health
    Speaker: Leo Trasande, NYU Langone Health

    Case Study: Food Contact Materials, Prenatal Phthalate Exposure, and Reproductive Health Effects
    Speaker: Tracey Woodruf, Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment, UCSF

    Case Study: Obesogens
    Speaker: Pete Myers, Environmental Health Sciences

    The Economic Impacts of Food Packaging Chemicals
    Speaker: Leo Trasande, NYU Langone Health
  • 1510
    Session 3: Micro Plastics... Micro or Macro Impacts?

    Plastic pollution: Macro Problem or Micro Issue?
    Speaker: Martin Wagner, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

    Micro Plastics and Human Health
    Speaker: Tamara Galloway, University of Exeter

    Nano Plastics - What do we Know, What do we Need to Know?
    Speaker: Martin Scheringer, RECETOX, Masaryk University
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