Michael Warhurst

Dr Michael Warhurst has been Executive Director of the European NGO CHEM Trust since July 2014, leading the organisation and working with his team and other NGOs to improve EU chemical policies such as REACH and chemicals in food contact materials (FCM).

CHEM Trust (www.chemtrust.org) works on the science-policy interface, with a particular focus on endocrine disrupting chemicals. CHEM Trust has been advocating for improved EU regulation of chemicals in fcm for nearly five years, and has recently led the development of five key principles for new EU fcm laws.

Prior to CHEM Trust, he worked on waste & resources at Friends of the Earth, heading up Friends of the Earth Europe’s Resources and Consumption programme for over 5 years. Prior to this he worked on EU chemicals policy at WWF European Policy Office for nearly three years from 2002 and at Friends of the Earth for the five years before this, working on the initial development of the EU’s REACH chemicals law.

He also spent 9 months working at the Lowell Centre fort Sustainable Production in 2005, and was one of the EU chemicals policy experts who toured the US to talk about REACH in October 2003.

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