Mark Rossi

Mark is a collaborative developer of innovative programs, tools, and initiatives for integrating sustainable materials and safer chemicals into the economy. Mark started at Clean Production Action as a Senior Research Associate in 2004 and became Executive Director in 2015. He founded BizNGO in 2006, a unique collaboration of leaders from businesses, NGOs, government agencies, and universities working together to advance safer chemicals and sustainable materials. Mark led BizNGO’s development of the Guiding Principles for Safer Chemicals (2008), Chemical Alternatives Assessment Protocol (2011), Guide to Safer Chemicals (2012), Commons Principles for Alternatives Assessments (2013), and Plastics Scorecard (2014). He co-authored CPA’s GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals (2007), a hazard assessment tool used across sectors to identify chemicals of high concern as well as safer alternatives, with users ranging from Apple to the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC). In 2014, he co-launched the Chemical Footprint Project (with UMass Lowell and Pure Strategies), a new initiative to benchmark companies on their overall chemical management performance. His doctorate is in Environmental Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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