About the conference

Throw-away plastics and food packaging don’t just harm turtles and whales. They can contain a toxic soup of chemicals that can threaten each of us and our families. That makes it personal.

The UNWRAPPED conference will bring together world-renowned scientists with leaders in public health protection, plastic pollution advocacy, and solutions-oriented companies.

The UNWRAPPED conference is part of Plastic Exposed, an international project working to increase global recognition of the known human health risks of plastic and other single-use food packaging and promote a culture shift to safer reusable alternatives.

Meet the organizations and foundations who are behind UNWRAPPED.


Conference Sponsors:

Throw away plastics don’t just harm turtles and whales.

Single-use plastics and food packaging can expose us to a toxic soup of chemicals. They can threaten each of us and our families. That makes it personal.

This conference will:

  • Share the state of the science

  • Translate the science for lay-people

  • Examine threats of common packaging products

  • Foster collaborative, science-based, solutions

  • Ensure scientific research is used for positive change

Conference Steering Committee:

John Peterson Myers, Environmental Health Sciences
Jane Muncke, Food Packaging Forum
Miriam Gordon, UPSTREAM
Monica Wilson, GAIA
Anne Larracas, GAIA
Faye Ferrer, GAIA
Beau Baconguis, GAIA
Julia Cohen, Plastic Pollution Coalition
Gretchen Lee Salter, Safer States
Shirra Freeman, The National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health
Joan Marc Simon, Zero Waste Europe

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